Update Cape Coral

A Real Estate Information Service

Update Cape Coral has been keeping thousands of Cape Coral property owners informed for 39 years. We publish a monthly newsletter aimed at you, the absentee property owner or potential owner of property in Cape Coral.

The whole purpose of Update is to give you knowledge-knowledge you can use to make intelligent decisions about your Cape Coral investment. Update is the only monthly real estate information newsletter available to Cape Coral property owners.

Confused about the Utility Expansion Plan? Is your property included? Do you know what to do?

Are you getting calls and letters offering to buy your property or telling you they have buyers for your lots?

Are these people legitimate?

When property values drastically fall, as they did a few years ago, the bottom feeders (so called – investors) ratchet up their efforts to convince you to sell your lots at rock bottom prices. As an UPDATE subscriber you will have someone to turn to when you have a question or want to find out if you are dealing with someone reputable.

We have been keeping our subscribers abreast of the real estate market here in Cape Coral since 1977. We have and will continue to alert our subscribers about the scams, phony deals and misleading advertising.